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world of industries 8/2016 (EN)

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world of industries 8/2016 (EN)

V-Drive servo worm

V-Drive servo worm gearheads: Upgrade and extended portfolio Wittenstein alpha, the specialist in mechatronic drive technology, extends its portfolio of servo worm gearheads in its V-Drive Basic series. The V-Drive Basic is now also available in sizes 50 and 63 with hollow or solid shaft output and a total of 5 different reduction ratios. At just 7.4 and 12 kg respectively, the V-Drive is definitely lightweight: its smaller mass helps save energy when the gearhead is used in moving machine axes. The special geometry of the teeth provides high efficiency and a very quiet running, with a maximum of 65 dBA at full load. Designed for ambient temperatures between -15 and +40 °C and featuring IP64 protection, the V-Drive Basic is ideally suited for price sensitive applications with no specific requirements of maximum torsional backlash. At the same time, other 2 versions in the V-Drive series have been upgraded in regards to torque and torsional backlash. The V-Drive Value and V-Drive Advanced upgraded versions offer extra torque – about 20 % more – but it is the significantly lower torsional backlash that is especially convincing: only 6 arcmin with the V-Drive Value and 2 arcmin with the V-Drive Advanced. The optimized design of the input seal guarantees these V-Drive versions a service life 25 to 50 % better than the current market standard. High precision measurement with eddy current displacement sensors Non-contact eddy current sensors from Micro-Epsilon are designed for the measurement of displacement, distance, position, oscillation and vibration. They are suitable for harsh industrial environments since, they are resistant to factors such as dirt, pressure and fluctuating temperatures. Their eddy current measuring principle allows them to measure through non-conductive materials, hence are resistant to media such as plastics, dirt and oil. Micro-Epsilon, with its new NCDT 3001 and 3005 series, offers sensors that are compact and robust. The eddyNCDT 3001 sensors are housed in an M12 body. They are used, for example, in the monitoring of the oil gap in hydrostatic bearings. As the sensor is resistant to oil and water splash, as well as high temperatures, in combination with its compact design, these sensors are ideal for integration into restricted installation space. The eddyNCDT 3005 model is a temperature compensated, i.e. even at high temperatures or temperature fluctuations from -30 to 180 °C, these sensors achieve extraordinary measurement accuracy. Its high accuracy, combined with a favorable price/ performance ratio, make these sensors suitable for high volume applications and for integration into plant, equipment and machinery. Drive solutions with explosion protection from Nord The company, Nord drive systems, a developer and manufacturer of drive technology supplies explosion-proof motors worldwide. Drawing on an extensive SAP-managed modular product range, the German manufacturer is able to quickly and comfortably configure drives for hazardous areas with absolute safety. Depending on the zone – whether 1 or 2 for gas, or 21 or 22 for dust atmospheres – optional external fans, backstops, and brakes are fitted as required to suit the application. Vector controlled operation with a frequency inverter is also possible on request. The motors are suitable for operation at ambient temperatures up to +60 °C. In addition, the drive manufacturer supplies gas and dust-explosion-proof gear units. These comply with EN 13463 and feature ignition protection type Ex-c (constructional safety). The motor can often be mounted directly on the gear unit. NORD, a certified manufacturer since 2003, has immense experience in explosion protection for drive technology. The current products meet the 2014/34/EU Directive, which came into effect on 20 th April, 2016, and the provisions of IECEx. MDA INDIA Smart actuators for intelligent positioning The latest Siko Ethernet and fieldbus equipped actuators AG25 and AG26 offer a systematic answer for positioning machine axes smartly and automatically. Despite their high functionality and performance, Siko’s actuators require space not more than a 0.33 liter beverage can (AG25). Thus, the actuators are ideally suited for machines that have space limitations. The AG26 is built slightly larger but also has more power – up to 13 Nm – despite its ultracompact frame size. The drives have a hollow shaft with a clamping ring for easy installation. High-precision multi-turn absolute encoder that detects the position of the drive shaft and the rotation of the shaft in the de-energized state of the actuator is integrated in the actuator. In addition to the Profibus and CAN data interfaces, Siko has also implemented the most common industrial Ethernet fieldbus interfaces into the actuators: Profinet, EthernetIP, EtherCAT and Powerlink. The actuators AG25 and AG26 can be configured and parameters can be set directly via the master PLC. 4 The actuators are available up to protection class IP65, which is also guaranteed during the traverse operation. 26 World of Industries 8/2016

PRODUCT NEWS Edge protection profiles with and without sealing function Edge protection and sealing profiles from Ganter ensure reliable front closure, for example on flaps. They also speed up the production phase because deburring and handling the edges can practically be eliminated. GN 2184 is available in two sizes and is made of extruded PVC. Edge protection sealing profiles GN 2180 and GN 2182 provide both edge protection and sealing. Consisting of a clamping profile and co-extruded hollow chamber sealing profile featuring soft design, they are available in various sizes. The clamping insert in this case is made of a combination of steel wire and polyester. The sealing profile is arranged on the top or side of the clamping profile. The profiles are made of EPDM or NBR or from a combination of PVC and EPDM. The materials used are designed to be permanently elastic and feature excellent resilience, which ensures that sealing properties are retained long-term. All profiles meet the requirements of RoHS and REACH. The EPDM profiles of GN 2180 are also certified to UL 50 and UL 94-HB. Frequency converter series with variable drive solutions Simply fantastic! smartflex ® The top model among steel bellows couplings Schneider Electric has added two frequency converters with variable and intelligent drive solutions to its portfolio. The company offers specialized solutions for machine construction and industrial applications. The Altivar Machine series supports the needs of machine manufacturers and covers the complete range – from simple to high-technology applications. The manufacturer focuses especially on a simple, userfriendly product in the Altivar Machine series and therefore offers a wide range of communication interfaces and protocols such as Modbus Serial, CANopen, Modbus TCP & Ethernet/ IP, EtherCAT, Profinet and Powerlink. The Altivar Process series is specially designed for water management, the oil and gas industry as well as mining. Typical applications include pumps, fans and compressors in systems that convey gases or liquids. Environmental compatibility was especially important in the design of Altivar Process. Thus 70 % of its components are recyclable. The perfect outfit without any problem areas No thermally pre-loaded welded or soldered joints and no mediairresistant glued joints, but • backlash-free, reliable torque transmission via solid, force locking connections • maximum misalignment compensation capability by means of perfectly formed steel bellows smartflex ® ordered today – delivered tomorrow D-87665 Mauerstetten,, Tel.: +49 (0) 8341/8040 your reliable partner