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world of industries 8/2016 (EN)

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world of industries 8/2016 (EN)

Author: Markus Nagel,

Author: Markus Nagel, Product Manager, Baumer Group, Germany Ethernet encoders are uncompromisingly compact INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION INDIA Markus Nagel The Ethernet encoders of the new series by Baumer set a new benchmark in the field of absolute encoders. Besides a strong focus on compact and cost-efficient design, state-of-the art communication technologies take center stage in the new encoder series. Furthermore, all-optical single and multiturn position feedback by OptoTurn technology which has been proving itself in the field over and over again ensures utmost precision and maximum immunity against magnetic fields. About Baumer The Baumer Group is an internationally leading manufacturer of sensors, encoders, measuring instruments and automated image-processing components. The family-owned company has around 2,300 employees with manufacturing facilities, sales offices and agents in 38 offices and 19 countries. The basis for the cost-effective design of the new series is particularly compact integration of the complete interface logic with single and multiturn sensing. Different Ethernet interface variants utilize virtually identical electronics. Besides the benefits of such common part strategy it also allows a test depth that could not be achieved with individual solutions. For the user, this means consistent cost advantages combined with maximum process safety. In addition, the EAL580 family provides optimal flexibility in terms of connectivity. This enables a high level of customization regardless the fine distinctions in interface-specific properties and provides the user with generous scope for application-specific adaptations for even more convenient deployment in any type of machine and installation. The user benefits from maximum future orientation, as market trends, for example new connection technologies, can easily be taken into account for years to come. Maximum freedom in application design Featuring the shallowest installation depth in the class of 58 mm Ethernet encoders, the extreme compactness is not only a particular hallmark of efficiency but EAL580 also offers maximum freedom in the application design - especially where space is limited. The EAL 580 design forgoes on right angle connectors to allow space-saving installation. Tight, trouble-prone bending radii are things of the past, since wiring remains very slim thanks to the uniquely compact radial connector outlet. The EAL580 is the only compact 58 mm Ethernet encoder with through- hollow shaft and clamping 48 World of Industries 8/2016

CONTROL AND DRIVE TECHNOLOGY 02 01 The new generation of Ethernet encoders feature the shallowest installation depth 02 The Ethernet encoder EAL580 combines Profinet standards that have stood the test of time with the latest communication technologies 01 ring on either the A or B side. This allows optimum integration in your drive train and saves awkward additional mechanical constructions. The series is ideal for use in a large number of applications throughout the entire automation industry - for example in handling and assembly systems or in wood, plastic and metal processing. Applications in the field of printing or packaging machines, for example, also benefit from the extremely short design when the processing area between two adjustable guide rails should be as wide as possible whereas the machine design is to provide the narrowest possible dimensions. For high system availability EAL580 with Profinet interface is first to launch. All other Ethernet interfaces in the compact design are on the verge of implementation. The Profinet EAL580 variant combines Profinet standards that have stood the test of time with the technological options of the latest communication and encoder profiles and is characterized by a wide choice of communication messages. This will simplify system planning and communication will run with only the messages required. This saves time, not only in the development of new systems but also in machine redesigns. The absolute encoders are the compact and communicative solution under the aspects of Industry 4.0 and upcoming IoT. Plant and machinery reliability can be significantly enhanced by the Media Redundancy Protocol (MRP) which is supported by the Profinet version. If a connecting wire or switch fails in a Profinet network with ring topology, the direction of communication in the cut-off network area is automatically reversed and thus will still be used. This way, EAL580 is in a position to adapt itself to the new communication situation within a very short period of time, which will minimize the failure risk in both machine and overall system. Another advantage of the new series is “Simple Device Replacement” for time-saving encoder replacement in the event of servicing. Here, the Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP) is used for neighborhood detection. In other words, a defective device is replaced by an identical one without any previous parameterization. The encoder location is known thanks to information exchange among the neighbors in the network. This way, the replacement encoder can be configured by the control unit with the same settings of the previous device – without the need for additional tools or device-specific technical knowledge. The combination of the technologies used makes an important contribution towards a high level of machine and plant uptime. Versatility with precision fit The innovative optical sensing of the EAL580 series is based on the latest version of an optimized monolithic Opto ASIC with high integration density. The high-precision code disk ensures reliable measurement results without interpolation error. For the user, this means not only maximum process safety and high control quality, but also optimized MTTF values thanks to a reduction in the number of components used. However, this combination with latest interface technology is not found in optical sensing, but is applied throughout the entire absolute encoder portfolio by the Baumer Group - including the latest generation of magnetic encoders which excel by their robust design and are nearly as accurate as optical systems. In particularly harsh environments, the big interface variety offered by the worldwide proven Baumer Hübner HeavyDuty encoders is unrivalled in this segment. The user benefits are obvious under several respects. Besides cost advantage and maximum process safety there is maximum freedom in scalability to optimally match the application. A HeavyDuty encoder is deployed where the system is under particular stress, whereas an industrial encoder is the right choice for less demanding environments. The variety of networked devices operating on one and the same interface technology saves valuable time and effort in control programming. Ready for Industry 4.0 and IoT Sensor information plays a central role in Industry 4.0. The main challenge faced by sensor manufacturers is to ensure “Industry 4.0 ready” for a big variety of sensors and interfaces – in a way that is efficient as possible. The EAL580 absolute encoders with Profinet are the first encoders on the market to support the OPC UA communication standard. This platform-independent and scalable solution comes in an open architecture which is easily adapted to future requirements ensuring secure, reliable and manufacturer-neutral data exchange between many different systems. By evaluating device and diagnostics data and linking them with further information, it provides a practically unlimited variety of possible applications. This not only allows for process optimization and improved system design, but also predictive maintenance. Photographs: Baumer Group World of Industries 8/2016 49